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Emoda Consulting & Design provides a diverse range of consulting and advisory services assisting Indigenous organizations, corporations and business entities
to achieve their unique needs.

Negotiation and Advisory Support

Emoda has proven experience and success in establishing meaningful engagement and consultation processes, building partnerships and joint ventures and defining and delivering strategies that lead to real and measurable results. Emoda has considerable experience in negotiations for Indigenous communties that range from basic to complex agreements.

Community and Business Strategic Planning

Emoda develops strategic plans collaboratively through engagement with the community or business to identify, prioritize and create action plans to be pursued. Emoda understands the deep intrinsic value systems in Indigenous communities to plan for the future with the goal of improving people's quality of life, protecting a community's traditional and cultural resources while at the same time seeking community economic diversity opportunities. Planning leads to success!

Web Development/Typesetting/
Graphic Design

Emoda Design was established in 2002 and offered website and promotional material for companies. Currently the company has evolved to web design creation, typesetting services and graphic design. Emoda maintains a diverse range of clients' websites. In addition, typesetting is an added service that can elevate your business report to a properly prepared file that is print-ready.

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